How Long Should You Stay Out Of House After Fumigation?

How Long Should You Stay Out Of House After Fumigation

Depending on the nature of your pest infestation, you might have to get out of your property for a few days in order to have tent fumigation completed.  You’ll have to make arrangements to be away from your property for a minimum of 24 hours but some fumigation appointments may take as long as 72 hours to completely dissipate the chemicals inside.

Licensed fumigators should be the only one entering your property after the tenting goes up. Entering into your property while it is tented can lead to a series of health risks and the chance that you could spread pests to a new location.

Making arrangements to get out of your home can be important for your family as well as your pets. All pets need to be evacuated along with your family through the process of fumigation. Making sure that you and your pets can evacuate your property for at least 24 hours can be important to make sure the chemicals of properly dissipated.

Speaking to your professional fumigators will let you know more about some of the health risks that you might face from entering too early and the total amount of time that you should be spending away from your property during the fumigation process. If you would like to be sure the pests are gone and that you and your family will be safe, be sure to wait for the all-clear from your fumigators before entering into the property.

Contact us if you have any concerns about the process of fumigation and when it might be safe to access your property again.



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What age can kids go back home after fumigation

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Afton JacksonOctober 30, 2022 at 8:53 pmReply

Thank you so much for helping me learn what to expect when scheduling fumigation for termite control. That much time could really allow us to go on a quick vacation and even start preparing for the holidays ahead, as we would need all the time we can get regarding that. I’ll plan ahead and hire a pest control service as early as now so my family can do something else while the fumigation is happening.

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