Pest Control

South Florida is home to almost every kind of bug found in the United States and then some. Our warm climate is not only favored by people, but is an ideal breeding ground for home invading pests.


Pest and Rodent populations can be responsible for spreading harmful germs and bacteria throughout a home, especially in food preparation area’s. One of the biggest myths about pest infestations are that pests require a dirty, unclean area to call “home”. This is definitely not the case. The common American Cockroach (sometimes call the “Palmetto Bug”) only needs a smear of grease to survive about a month. Pests are more frequently in search of water which draws them to the kitchen and bathrooms.


Security Termite & Pest Control has been providing Pest control in the Lee County area for more than 20 years. We are a non-franchised, locally owned company, with extensive knowledge of all household pests in the Fort Myers/Naples area.

Our certified technicians will provide:

  • INITIAL INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR TREATMENT. Thorough Interior Treatment and Inspection of your home. This includes the application of safe products to all the cracks & crevices that typically harbor pests, and an exterior treatment (see below)
  • REGULAR QUARTERLY EXTERIOR TREATMENTS. A complete barrier treatment to encompass all the possible entry points that pests may use to gain entry into your home. This service will utilize a combination of sprays, granular and baits (as necessary)
  • FREE CALL BACKS. Anytime you experience a pest problem in between your regularly scheduled visits, we will come out free of charge, no questions asked.


We will control your pest infestation or we will refund the cost of your last treatment. It is that simple!

Call us today at (239) 242-7378 for more information about our Pest Control Services