Florida Palm Rat Removal Services

Florida means beaches, fruit trees, sunshine, warm days, and unfortunately… pests. Besides pest control for common insects, living in Cape Coral and Fort Myers means dealing with rats.

Rats love the warm weather and an abundance of fruit trees.

So why should you be concerned about palm rats? Besides not wanting to share your home with rats, there are very good reasons to have regular pest control service for rats & mice. One main reason is that mice & rats carry diseases and contagions. Another reason is the damage rats & mice can cause.

The palm rat will invade a home and while nesting, this rat can destroy siding, insulation, and water & electrical systems. The damage that rats cause to these systems can lead to fires and further damage to your home & automobiles.

A third reason to control mice & rats is the cleanliness of your home. Mice & rats leave their waste and droppings wherever they travel inside of your home. This can lead to foul odors, mold, allergies – not to mention the high cost of removing these pests & repairing the damage they caused.

Do you want to know how to get rid of rats? As your local pest control company, Security Termite & Pest Control in Cape Coral can help with extermination & prevention of palm rats, roof rats, woodrats and mice.

Types of Rats & Mice

As a local pest control company, Security Termite & Pest Control is accustomed to controlling the three main types of rat found in the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area. We also contend with a little mouse called the “house mouse.”

Here are the most common rats ‘stealing your cheese:’

PALM RAT: The Florida palm rat goes by many names: roof rat, tree rat, fruit rat, citrus rat, or black rat. The palm trees and shrubs around your Cape Coral home, along with abundant water sources, make a literal paradise for the palm rat.

NORWAY RAT: The Norway rat is much larger & lighter in color than the Florida palm rat. Preferring the outdoors most of the time, this rat will venture inside your home searching for food & water. This type of rat is especially common in Fort Myers.

EASTERN WOODRAT: The woodrat, although less common than the palm rat & Norway rat in the Cape Coral / Fort Myers area. They are often called “pack rats” due to their knack for stealing & storing small objects.

HOUSE MOUSE: These little pests are often forgotten about, as much emphasis is placed on rat control instead; however, the dangers & nuisances associated with rats also apply to mice as well. Security Termite & Pest Control in Cape Coral can build a pest control plan for you that includes control methods for the house mouse.

Protect your Cape Coral home from palm rats & roof rats by calling Security Termite & Pest ControlSometimes called the roof, or fruit rat, the palm rat is just one of many pests that Security Termite & Pest Control can manageSometimes confused with palm rats, the Norway rat is commonly found around homes in Cape Coral, FloridaThis rat is one of three rats commonly found in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida. Security Termite & Pest Control services all of southwest Florida.Mice need even less space and food than the Florida palm rat. Ask Security Termite & Pest Control about prevention of miceOften immature palm rats are confused with the house mouse. Security Termite & Pest Control can help you distinguish between rats & mice, and offer treatment solutions.