Bee Removal

bee removal service floridaAnyone who has had a bee infestation will tell you that it can be a particularly alarming experience. Bee’s can set up shop quite quickly and will build their hives within the wall voids of structures. This results in the bee’s sharing a home with people, which can become quite dangerous if the bee’s become agitated and feel threatened.

In addition to the normal problems that can occur with bees and people in such close proximity, recent years have seen the introduction of the “Killer Bee” (Africanized Honey Bee) which are much more volatile than our native European Honey Bee.

Bee removal is NEVER something a homeowner should try on their own. Every day unfortunate homeowners get hurt, some quite seriously, because they decide to try and solve their bee problem by creeping up to a beehive, spraying insecticide and then running before the bee’s sting them. In the case of the Africanized Honey Bee, this chase could last up to a quarter-mile, so we wouldn’t suggest the “spray and run” approach.

Professional Help for a Serious Problem

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Give us a call and we will eliminate your bee problem and remove the hive and honeycomb. The sooner you make the call the better, as the larger the hive becomes the more difficult and expensive it can be to remove the hive (a necessary step in bee removal).

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