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It hasn’t been long that bed bugs have made their resurgence in our community. Bed bugs seemed to be almost eradicated from the USA, however, that is definitely not the case now. Bed bugs have come back in a big way and are causing panic in the homes and communities that they infest. Originally, the resurgence seemed to be concentrated in the larger cities, however, bed bugs in Cape Coral, Ft Myers and Naples have recently become a common occurrence and a major concern.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about how to eradicate bed bugs from your home. Going online and searching for bed bug treatments will often only confuse you regarding how to treat these annoying insects. Of course, we might be a little biased, but 25 years as a local exterminator has told us the professional treatment is most often the only way to rid bed bugs from your home.

How Do We Treat For Bed Bugs

The treatment of bed bugs will depend on your situation. Every house is different and every situation is different, so the first step is a FREE No-obligation bed bug inspection by one of our local expert inspectors. At this inspection, we will go over your options, which will include either a heat/steam & insecticide treatment or a structural fumigation for bed bugs. Both options are very effective for bed bug control. We will discuss with you your options and come up with a plan that is right for you.

Fumigation For Bed Bugs

Bed Bug fumigations are quickly becoming the most popular way to eradicate your home of bed bugs. Click on the video below to learn more about this process. As a direct fumigation, we don’t need to sub-contract our fumigation work other company’s. From start to finish we will be the ones handling your bed bug treatment.

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Don’t get bed bugs while you travel. Tips for traveling

We often hear from clients that they first saw bed bugs in their luggage after a recent trip. Unfortunately, increased travel has only assisted the spread of bed bugs throughout the country. Hotel rooms are perfect places for bed bugs to hide.

When traveling, take a few minutes and look around the bedding and the bed frame for bed bugs. In addition, look in the drawers of the dresser. Bed Bugs are very small and can be difficult to see, so take your time while you look. Bringing bed bugs home with you will be no fun at all. If you suspect you brought bed bugs home with you, don’t worry, this problem is treatable. We treat bed bugs every day!

Quick facts about bed bugs

Size of bed bugs. A typical adult bedbug is about 1/4 inch and is reddish brown in color.

Life Cycle and reproduction. Bedbugs reproduce extremely quickly. The growth cycle of a bed bug is influenced by the environment the bed bug is subject to, however, typically a bed bug will take anywhere from 30 to 45 days to fully develop. A typical adult bed bug will lay from 1 – 5 bed bug eggs per day and over 200 bed bug eggs in her lifetime. That all from just one bed bug!

Signs of bed bug bites. The unusual thing about bed bug bites is that some people will exhibit signs and some people will not. It is not uncommon to find a husband and wife, where only one partner is exhibiting signs of bed bug bites, even though they sleep in the same bed. In addition, people can also be allergic to bed bug bites which can amplify the severity of the bite.

Location of Bed Bugs. Despite the name bedbugs are not just confined to the bed. Bed bugs are typically found there because they are nocturnal and their food (us!!!) are generally asleep in bed at night. It is important when performing a bed bug inspection or bed bug treatment that all areas of the room and house are inspected. Bed bugs will often be found in night stands, dressers, chairs, couches etc…. It would take too long to list all the areas we have found bed bugs.