Tent Fumigation Services Ft. Myers & Cape Coral, FL

Security Termite and Pest Control is one of the very few termite companies that perform their own tent fumigations in Cape Coral, Ft Myers, and Naples. Virtually all other pest control companies sub-contract their work to companies such as us.

Why Tent Fumigation?

Structural tent fumigation is the only method proven to be effective at eliminating 100% of the drywood termites. As drywood termites live entirely within a piece of wood, getting a pesticide to the target area is very difficult unless a gas (fumigant) is used. The gas penetrates all air spaces within the home, including the inside of the infected wood, thereby ensuring total elimination. No other treatment method can offer this level of effectiveness.

The Fumigation Process

A representative from Security Termite and Pest Control will walk you through each step of the tent fumigation process so that you are entirely comfortable with the procedure. Most fumigations follow the timeline outlined below, however, variations are possible depending on many different factors.

  • PreFume: Preparations will be made prior to the fumigation
  • Day One: A tent is placed on the house and the fumigant (gas) is released into the house
  • Day Two: The tent is removed from the house and the gas begins to slowly leave the house, a process known as aeration
  • Day Three: If the fumigant level is 1 part per million or less, then our company certifies the house as “safe for reentry” and you are allowed back in.

Why Security Termite & Pest Control?

For over 25 years Security Termite and Pest Control has been serving the homes of Cape Coral, Ft Myers, and Naples. All of our fumigation professionals have gone through ongoing fumigation stewardship programs to keep our professionals up to date with the most current fumigation techniques and safety standards. As a direct fumigator, we will be doing the work ourselves and not sub-contracting the work to some other company. We will guarantee the quality of the job, the safety of the job, and treat your home and your property like it was our own.

We Use Vikane & Why It Is Important

Vikane™ by Douglas Products is the industry standard in residential fumigation. Vikane is supported by a team of research and industry professionals who offer pest control companies continual technical and advisory support to ensure that fumigations are held to the highest standards.

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