Can You Drink Bottled Water After Fumigation?

Can You Drink Bottled Water After Fumigation

Preparing your food items is a step in the process of fumigation. When protecting your food from pests, it’s a good idea to use Nylofume bags to protect your food items. Covering your food items with one of these thick plastic bags won’t allow the gases to get through. Double bag all of the food items in your home apart from unopened plastic bottles.

Bottled water or bottled soda is safe for use after fumigation. If you’ve got an unopened glass jar of pickles or a can of soup that is unopened, they’ll be no need to beg these items up. Drinking bottled water or any of these items that have been sealed will be completely safe after the fumigation process, if you’re worried about drinking bottled water after fumigation it is important to consider that your fumigator has deemed the area completely safe for inhabitants and this means that the contents of anything that sealed away in a thick container is also safe for consumption.

When you have a pest infestation and it’s been determined that the easiest way to remove these pests is with fumigation, it’s good to know what should be removed from your property and what may not be safe to access after the fumigation process.

Removing pests from your homes such as dry wood termites or rats can often mean whole home fumigation.

The fumigation process has toxic chemicals entering into every corner of the home to go through the nooks and crannies and to eliminate any of the pests that may be continuing to hide in the area.


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