Does lemon kill cockroaches?

Does lemon kill cockroaches?

Citrus is a very good natural insecticide, and in fact, several products on the market today are derived from citrus. Putting a lemon, lime or orange peal or juiced fruit down the drain and running the disposal is a good way to freshen up the drain area.


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LoriDecember 17, 2023 at 7:17 pmReply

I saw a video on u-tube years ago and tried it after trying everything else. Mix. …. 6 cooked egg yolk ( hard boiled )
1 tbs. Boric Acid 1 tsp. Sugar Mash up all ingredients and roll into small balls the size of a pea. Press the balls lightly into the corners inside your cupboards and up in the corners. place behind refrigerator , microwave, dishwasher,coffee maker. Take the electrical plates off and put a sm.ball inside on the inside and put the cover back on. IF YOU HAVE PETS DO NOT LEAVE OUT IN THE OPEN. COULD MAKE THEM SICK. You will see them less and less everyday.
In two weeks you should have no roaches Refresh every two weeks.

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