Does Dawn soap kill roaches?

Does Dawn soap kill roaches?

Yes and no. As I have stated before, there are many things that will kill a roach, the most common example being a shoe. Smashing a cockroach with a shoe is generally 100% effective and is very cost-effective. However, ridding your home of a cockroach infestation with your shoe is an exercise in futility. I would apply this same concept to killing roaches with dawn soap. Cockroaches will eat soap, so it is not toxic to them. However, if you cover them sufficiently with a soapy solution, it will disrupt their ability to breathe through their spiracles and they will suffocate. So yes, Dawn soap will kill a roach when used correctly and accurately. However, it won’t repel or be passed on from roach to roach the way current pesticides will.



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For the past two weeks I have been using a few drops of Dawn soap in water from old Windex spray bottle. This bottle has no jet function, just a broad spray. It creates a great deal of suds. Before this I was using Palmolive dish soap. With the Palmolive the roaches eventually died, but I never saw them die. With the Dawn, they are dead in less than ten minutes.

My method is to spray an individual roach until it is covered with foam, from two to four squirts. The closer the better. I have a half acre lot. We have an outdoor aviary, and a chicken coup. We also have dogs that mess in the yard. This year has been especially bad.

I also use food-grade diatomaceous earth I sprinkle about in places where roaches hide and over areas they travers. I hunt bark scorpions and roof rats at night. For the past five years while out hunting it was rare I ever saw a roach. I had knocked them down so badly they virtually disappeared. I plan to do this again by the end of the summer. BTW, the scorpions and roof rats have all now been eliminated. I use no poison on my property other than occasionally lead poison and I have a powerful salt pistol.

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